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Damaged Daughters Episode 6

The theme for this podcast is Words of Wisdom.My goal is to help my family in pain reach a state of wholeness and health.I am passing on lessons learned to ease you past the anger and bitterness,while acknowledging your right to feel it.We are putting the onus on the biological bitch and beast,the vessels that brought us here.We will not dwell on the pain but the victory over them,by forgiving.

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This episode discusses the "Brutally Honest Obituary" of a biological bitch written by her children.At last,someone had the courage to tell the world what life with their mother was really like.Their intention is to shame other parents that are abusing their children.Mission accomplished!

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This episode of Damaged Daughters recounts the stories some of my sisters have shared with me,and others I have read about. It is emotionally difficult to process some of these stories but they must be told. And we end with words from First Lady Michelle Obama which sums up everything very nicely. I hope you glean the good and see the strength prevail in some of the more shocking sharings.  

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Damaged Daughters  Episode 3

This episode of Damaged Daughter features an anonymous guest that takes us through her difficult upbringing. She describes her mother as an "emotional cripple" with jealousy issues. If she could break free from a mother that stabbed her in the back repeatedly,there is nothing you can't overcome.You matter!

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Damaged Daughters/surviving the biological bitch Episode 2

This episode of Damaged Daughters/Surviving The Biological Bitch features Rae Lewis-Thornton as the guest survivor. Rae is an Emmy award winning AIDS activist, author, and fabulous bracelet designer. Rae's powerful life story is an inspiration to damaged daughters and sons everywhere. She refuses to let her tragic entry into the world or even AIDS dampen her spirit! It is that same fighting courage we must embody to overcome those that try to snuff out our spark. We empower ourselves by shining a bright light in dark places. And Rae Lewis-Thornton is the brightest of lights!

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Damaged Daughters  Episode 1

A forum for  the unspoken damage done to daughters born to abusive, dysfunctional, non-maternal women.Know it's not your fault,and you can survive the biological witch with the help of others in a similar situation.When we share our stories,we step out of the shadows of shame into the light.

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